help with faces please


my name is victor. im really new to blender and im working on tutorials at the moment. i want to start learning how to make 3d still pictures. i dont care about the animation right now. just the pose and such.

anyway, ive read through alot of the forum and looked through resources you have here, yet i CANNOT find a set of pictures to use in blender for a female face. everything ive seen says you need a frontal and profile view.
i know there are some things i missed in the forum regarding this, but that is soooo much to look through.

and to be honest i dont know where to start, all i know is that i love creating and this is one skill i would love to have.

what im asking i guess is, does anybody know for sure where to find faces with a profile view to match?
i would really appreciate it.

thanks in advance


hi and welcome to the forum! is about the only place specialising in this kind of reference images.

but a google or flickr image search will bring you some good results, too. the images don’t have to match up exactly (in fact: they won’t) they don’t have to be even of the same person.

lastly: the most fun and gratifying way will always be to shoot your own pictures. you don’t have to have fancy equipment to do this. just someone willing to hold his/her face into your camera for a while. just zoom in the furthest you can get to avoid distortion.

ok cool, when i use character references like these, they are just for the anatomical shaping right? the end result will look like a different person altogether, so im just assuming the pictures are just for the facial structure? features can be made according to my own agenda? or am i going about the completely wrong? am i on the right track? im looking to do something along the lines of this:


I would not, under any circumstance, use 3D models for reference. You’ll only be copying other people’s mistakes.That picture you posted, for example, has some wonky nostrils.

Thaaaaaat said, I’m not a big fan of modeling with front and side view in the first place. I find that if you’ve got a solid enough grasp of facial anatomy, you’ll be able to model without, and I believe that’s true for most character artists. Plus, using orthographics is a crutch that will only keep you from actually developing those skills in the first place.

oh, i understand that, the picture above is just an example of what id like to be able to do. i would never use somebody elses 3d model. thats why i was looking for humans. i know it will be a crutch, but ill be using it as training wheels untill i get a grasp of facial anatomy. but even then, people have to learn to use the program before they can even use the training wheels lol. cant ride a bike if you dont know the mechanics of how it moves. but thanks for the response.