Help with "fixing" mesh from a scan app

  1. The project:
    I have some output from a scanning application that is mesh and texture. The mesh has many holes in it, and also some overlapping triangles. I would like to learn how to repair this mesh (so I that I can repeat the process with others). I am guessing this might be some kind of voxel, shrink wrap, retopology, or fill holes type of process but I am not sure. The final output should be most of the source but with a single mesh with no holes. For the texture, the filled holes can use inferred colors from the neighboring triangle’s UVs.

  2. I am with a company. I can share in PM.

  3. Looking for someone with the skills to do project above.

  4. I’d like to tackle this over the next week (by 10/8 if possible)

  5. see above

  6. I am guessing this not too many hours of work but I can share a sample over PM; let me know your rates; I’d rather pay for an experienced expert than a beginner


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