Help with going through objects?

DesertCamp.blend (953 KB)

  1. So I installed the landscape add-on in blender and I sized it up and made a world for my fps. I have simple motion actuators for movement on a cube and it has dymanic physics. But when there is a slope in the landscape the cube just walks right through it and falls through. How do I stop that from happening.

  2. Similar problem, I have a few other cubes that I have on the landscape and when you walk up to it it pushes you away from it.

  3. The cubes around the little scene I have are supposed to be boundary lines for the game but I can’t get them to work.

Are you using dLoc? You should be using linear velocity for motion. Also, make sure the landscape object is using a static collision mesh. I can’t quite understand the third question. What are the ‘boundary lines’?

There is the file up top but by boundary lines I mean the outside of the level. The place where a player can not go out of in a map.

I installed the landscape add-on in blender and I sized it up

When you sized it up did you just scale it in object mode? The bge physics engine has issues when scaling is on object level. Try to make sure that all object scaling is set to [1,1,1].

For each object try to Apply the scaling: ctrl+A -> scale

This applies object scaling to the mesh data.

If in doubt, use the “Show Physics Visualisation” option from the “Game” menu to see the physics bounds of your objects when you run the game. If you’re making games then you should set “Blender Game” instead of “Blender Render” in the dropdown at the top of the screen so that Blender shows the game options in all contexts. If you can’t see the “Game” menu option then you probably need to set the “Blender Game” option.