Help with gooey

Hello guys! I’m trying to make a gooey-like material but I’m stuck. I cant get it to be more transparent, bright and “wet”. Here is my progress so far, the render and node setup:

What I’m trying to make is something like this, but I really don’t know where to go from here to get this kind of material.

Thank you very much!

One thing I noticed are the faces–do you have smooth shade on?

Oddly, you have transmission to 1, but it’s really not see-though. You are using Translucent and a mix shader I see, but it’s not very transparent…maybe slide the factor up on mix shader? Maybe a color ramp in the transparency? I’m not a shader wiz…

There is a way to get things to look thicker (darker) near the edges…where it’s thinner it’s lighter and more transparent. I found a tutorial for this online once…not sure where.

Good luck.

I’d use a combination of glass and gloss and volume scatter. I noticed your reference had a lumpy surface so I’d add a bump map.
I’ve added something to show what I mean. Also you probably want some subsurface scattering.