Help With Grid Numbers...

Hey, I was just about to work on an Auto CAD type project and I’m gonna use inches. One problem, the grid squares there are 10 faintline grids between each bold one, I want twelve. So I go into the view properties and goto grid lines, which are set to 16, what I was confused, so I just set them to 12 and nothing happened. Whats up?, and if I want how do I change the grid numbers?

Help is greatly appreciated!

Try the Following Script

Bmae & Caliper




those look great! But is there a way that I can chage faint grid squares per bold grid squares?

Look in BMae i think there a new grid there
may be it can be done

hmm nope don’t see n/e thing about grid.

May be it was in Caliper

i Saw one somewhere

in any case Bmare allows you to work direcly in inches or Metric aas you wish - May be easier to work then in BU

But in the first place why do you wamt to change the size of the line for the grid ?

i don’t remember anything like this in Blender !