help with hdri images

I’m trying to use an hdri image for a background and lighting, and I’m having a few problms. I downloaded a coule from I am trying to texture them onto the world space. could some one explain the settings I would need to do that?

I have tried using AngMap, but then I have a wierd point in the world where the whole thing converges. I tried using Global, but then the whole world is repeated twice!

And for some reason, when I have an object reflecting the world, it is reflected sideways.

I’m stuck, any help would be appreciated!



I saw that tutorial, but I would like to use the images from the link I referenced, they are not angular maps, (spherical) they are panoramic images, can someone tell me what setting I need to use so that blender will interpret them correctly?

That isn’t an AngMap, try Sphere instead.

I know, that’s pretty much my whole question, what kind of map is it? And how do I get blender to use this kind of map? Do I need to convert it into an angmap somehow? Or does this image not contain the whole environment (is it only half?)

I’m confused.


Hmm, it does seem that way.

It maps correctly using Sphere when rendered with Yafaray, but Blender seems to only use half the World space. I don’t know why that is, maybe it works differently or doesn’t support this type of map. It is difficult to imagine a bug could survive this long unnoticed.

I did a quick and messy test, and converting to AngMap seems to work out. Here is a render after converting the image to a (sort of) AngMap. Obviously it is the wrong way up…:-

You can download Angular Maps from Paul Debevec’s website:-

have you tried to map Horizon and / or ZenUp and ZenDwn at the same time? I don’t know if it works…

I tried that, but it didn’t change anything that I could tell, I have used some of the angMaps from that site with no problem, but I would really like to use this kind as well, do you know how I can convert them?


Image -> Projective Transformation

Unfortunately the version I have - 1.9.3, currently has a bug and crashes during this type of transformation on linux. Maybe it works on earlier versions or on other platforms…

The example I posted is done with Gimp and obviously isn’t HDR any more.

okay, I’ll try that and see. it seems like blender should be able to handle that kind of map though… I’ll keep looking for a fix. It does everything right with global, except it maps it around twice.