Help with IPO...

(ndnchief) #1

OK, I am putting an IPO to make my wheels rotate, EXAMPLE" SENSOR(up arrow) CONTROLER (and) ACTUATOR (ipo frame 1 to 5). I can get a plane to work correctly, but when I use a cylinder or circle extruded(to resemble a tire) it just wont rotate right? The IPO’s work correctly for turn left and right but like I said as soon as I try to animate a rotation, anything but a plane doesnt work correctly, can anyone help out there?

NDNChief… Frustrated, again…

(gargola) #2

??? but exactly,what is the problem?the animation gets screwed?or what? :slight_smile:

(Abracsis) #3

try putting a key frame on every frame of the rotation. E.g do it over 60 frames rotating 60 degrees each time.

Make sure you have a Loop Stop IPO, with , frame 1 - 5 .

You can’t have two IPO’s playing at the same time. Make sure the Left/Right IPO’s are on Empties which are the parents of te wheels that rotate. And the Car’s body is te parent of the Empty.

Other than this, blender has problems creating IPO’s over 360 degrees.

Another way to do it would be to have the wheels Use a Motion Sensor instead of an IPO, and simply get them to rotate. Although IPO is appropriate for left/right empties.