Help with learning how to draw and finding mentorships

Well, that sucks.

Because I had trouble signing in to a website for college, I wound up having to undo all the cookie information I had so I could be able to sign in. Unfortunately, that undid a lot of website information. That was a dumb mistake I made.

The worst part is I can’t sign in to Instagram, which is where I talk to Luca Fattore (he goes by Pixi-Gags on social media), the animator who’s been helping me get better at drawing. Without him, it’s going to be pretty hard for me to get better at drawing. His videos are very helpful, and they’re short.

I want to get better at drawing so I can be able to illustrate the world my stories are set in. What should I do?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The same Pixi-Gags that is on Youtube I watch them to learn animation.

not sure about art school. I’m a self taught artist of 17 years.

before you think it takes 17 years of practice to only get to this quality. I started drawing as a very young child barley able to walk.

Advice: draw things you see like your plants, pets, family and friends if they won’t get mad. and beware of A writer’s callus If can be helped.
They say there is “muscle memory” is a key to drawing but I think there is also flexibility also needs to be learned. the hand I draw with is more nimble than the other though I can draw decent pictures with the other.