Help with linking and appending

Hi guys, not sure if there is a solution to this…

How would I put a vehicle (with a vehicle constraint and camera rig etc) into a group (or groups) and link it into a main blend file? So I can edit the vehicle in its own file and have it update in the main file automatically?

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Something like this ?

well, it’s quite easy…
let’s say that you’ve a “vehicle.blend” with the vehicle group named “vehicle” ( group = vehicle object + camera? + lights?+ other)
Then in “game.blend” , Shift-F1, enable “Link” button in the bar, browse your HD and load the “vehicle” group!
Then TAb key to Add-Group-Vehicle
That’s all
Remember that you must “distribute” the vehicle" file with the “game” file!
And you will find that it’s not very practical to work with
Here in this “game” I’ve use “dupligroups” for the vehicle and removed it, I only have kept the “tubes” one
The “yo frankie demo” uses groups very well and powerfully, but those people are python gurus

Thanks for the help guys… I know how to link the objects now… just a few problems, the scripts don’t seem to work properly: so the wheels don’t get added and none of the controls work… also I can’t look through the camera even if I select it and press 0. Do you know why? Thanks guys!


The camera problem could be because it’s not set as the active scene camera. Try selecting it and pressing Ctrl+Alt+NUM0 and see if that works.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Edit: This took me a while to find and it was annoying because I’d accidentally used this to set Suzanne as the active scene camera. :eek:

Doesn’t work… because you can’t select just one object but you have to select the whole group?

Right… You maybe need to make the linked object into a proxy then. Try Ctrl+Alt+P.

I’m not too familiar with linked libraries myself. Maybe the manual could help:

Edit: just managed to make a proxy for the camera and set it as the scene camera, but the logic seems to not be linked…

Edit2: Figured out how I did it (It was a while ago). Linking groups seems to mess up game logic. If you have logic on your objects then link all objects separately. You can select multipke objects in the file browser by right-click selecting them and link them all at once. They will remain in a group. Not sure if I’ve done this right. :frowning:

I can import groups with logic! And for the camera, give it these logic bricks: have an always (no pulse)-and-scene: set camera. It will make your camera the active camera.

Append or link? I can append them with logic, but not link. Maybe I’m missing something?

what kind of logic are we talking about? I don’t think I have any links between objects, but the objects have logic and scripts. Linking. The logic bricks doesn’t show up but it works when you press p.

The car has a script which adds wheels etc by accessing their names directly in python. That doesn’t seem to work at all. Could someone try and save a complete vehicle in a file and link that vehicle into another scene? I can’t get my head around how the objects would be accessed etc.