Help with loop cuts and creases

When I model something and then add a subsurf modifier I always end up with a model with an extreme amount of faces and loop cuts everywhere and it’s just a complete mess. Then I have to start over…
So I’m just looking for some tips on how I can do things in a better way.

Like this simple thing just as an example:

So this is supposed to be a simple window.

I try creases (Shift + E) and get this result. So that didn’t work.

I then try loop cuts (CTRL + R). the problem here is that they always go around the whole model pretty much, and usually create new unwanted creases etc at other places.

I would really appreciate some tips. Most things I attempt to model ends up as a mess that seems impossible to fix.
Thank you in advance!

You need to have a dividing edge loop between the edge and the window,also you need to try and change your topology so you can reuse existing edge loops instead of creating new ones.

Unfortunately i can’t show you an example because i’m in a hurry atm.

I think you have the right approach with the loopcuts. You are going to have to create some unneeded geometry in order to get the support that you need where you need it. Some of that extra geometry can be dissolved and combined into fewer faces, but the number of vertices saved versus the amount of time you spend doing it is not the greatest tradeoff usually.

From left to right 80, 300 and 170 verts.

  1. No subsurf (crazy idea, right?) just bevel and smoothe,
  2. quick edge loops,
  3. optimized edge loops.

Hope this helps. You didn’t show exactly what the problem was with the edge loops.


insetface2.blend (1.07 MB)

That’s the challenge with subdivision modeling, getting supports on hard corners/edges, keeping round areas round, controlling face angles and density.

If you plan to use the model inside Blender then you can use creases, otherwise you can’t since those don’t export. Support loops are preferred control method because those ensure the model subdivides well in other programs too. That’s why those are a requirement if you plan to sell your model at some point on popular stock model sites. It doesn’t depend on the 3D modeling software used.