Help with making a (simple) mesh

Hi there.

I’m trying to make my own mesh in Blender, and I don’t know what to do. Let’s say I start with something like this (a tunnel kit piece)…

… and I want to achieve this (a curved tunnel)…

Looks pretty simple task but I’m really desperate how to make such thing. Note that I got fully textured piece - is it possible to make from one textured object another CORRECTLY textured object? If the answer is “no”, what is the simplest task to achieve this?

Please help somebody.


Add a curve object for the path you want the part to follow.
Then use an Array modifier followed by a Curve modifier


curve_array.blend (191 KB)

Thanks for reply…
Actually, I tried it but I didn’t get too far because I even didn’t bend the mesh, I found a problem - stretching. If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that bolts on the rail are different on both sides - on the left it’s shrank and on the right it’s stretched out.

I also tried another technique - spin tool. It’s very precise tool but there’s one problem with it - textures are weirdly handled by it (see the picture).

What I’m doing wrong?

Alright, I somehow figured it out.
I followed your advice, except one thing - I added a circle, deleted unwanted parts and converted it to a Curve. But now both ends of the mesh are angled. What should I do?

Upgrade to 2.69RC. This is a long-standing bug that has just been fixed in the latest release.

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Oh my. :eek: I was definitely convinced that the fault is on my side…

@ @MCollett

how can it be corrected in 2.69
any example for this ?


From my quick test, it still does the same thing in RC2 , i think the problem is in how the curve is finishing

Here, look at the angle given by the end segments of the curves

The Object will follow this angle in the end

Now if i straigthen on an axis the end segments :

As you see, the object will follow those last segments angle and then go straight on an axis

just saw that rc2 was out !

ok i did read in release notes that they are some new things for curves
but don’t know what they are
any good doc on these new features?
i tought it was one of these new feature

this is not first time people ask about this problem!


An example as saved in 2.68:

The same file opened in 2.69, with no further changes:

Of course, as Sanctuary points out, you can’t expect this to work unless the tangents are straight at the ends; the bug was that it didn’t work right even when they were straight.

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i added a 1/2 poly curve circle and remove 1/2 of it !
and the end ar not straigth !
but if i convert to bezier with handle then i can correct the the tangent

seem to work fine in RC2
but still need to correct the tangent

are there some doc for the new features for 2.69 or some short video to show what these are ?