Help with making complicated objects efficiently..

Hey guys,

I consider myself to be a fairly experienced modeler, though pretty often I’ll see a reference image for a car, for example, that I just can’t devise a satisfactory plan for modeling. There’s a piece in the 2003 Toyota Corolla I’m modeling, the bezel that contains the interior’s driver side door handle and door lock, that I just don’t feel gets across the “feeling” of the real thing as much as I’d like. I mean, it’s fairly recognizable, I like to think (maybe it’s not), but it doesn’t fee like it’s quite “there.” I’ll include a simple render, the editing-level geometry and the image I’ve been using for reference to see if that better gets across what I’m babbling on about. I appreciate all the help I’ve received so far, guys.


try textures and bump maps

Textures and bump maps don’t cut it for things that are actually big enough to be formed through geometry.

I don’t mean to bump if that’s considered uncouth, but I thought more people might have thoughts and I’d definitely appreciate them.