help with marking seams and setting up textures

I’m designing a corny sci fi missile, however I am completely lost with texturing, I really don’t know where to mark the seams to use with the textures
MISSIL1.blend (737 KB)
This is the .blend file

it depends on what you are using to texture. will you paint it or use an existing photo? if it is the latter i suggest simplifying your model somewhat. if your just going to paint it unwrap it into half and cut the nose and tail off then use the relax brush in the uv sculpt mode with borders locked like so.
MISSIL2_uv.blend (633 KB)

Small Troll, thanks so much, I was going to paint it, so this helped clear it up!

as your going to paint it, a quick way to get most of the diffuse colouring is to use blender internal render materials and then bake them to the UV, then all you need to paint is the grunge.