Help with material...


I’m having a problem with a material i’m using on a little car (toy) i made…

On the back of the car, it looks normal

But on the front, there’s a weird “shadow” on it. Although it’s the exact same material…

Is there anything i can do about it? It’s not very important, but hey, why not do it like it should be… :slight_smile:


PS: Here are larger pictures (500 Ko each) of the car its self (very basic model): FRONT, and BACK

I could be the smoothing thing. Look into that autosmooth has the same value and that the normals are pointing outwards.

The normals do point outwards… And the auto smooth was on 30, in both cases… (i don’t know exactely what it does frankly)

I set it to 50, and the result is the same… :expressionless:

In the chevrons? Isn’t that just the black bumper being reflected? Move the camera or lamps and see.


I changed the positions of lights and it didn’t change…

Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s lit by a spot?

If you want you can send me the .blend and I’ll take a look
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Try deleting all of your lamps. Then go to the shading tab (F5) and then go to the world options. Turn on ambient occlusion. Go to the render buttons (F10) and turn on raytracing. I hope this works.

Thanks guys…

The scene is already raytraced, with AO on… Only it’s too dark without lamps… But it’s true that the cheverons then look right…

The blend file is here :wink:

An easy solution is to just turn Hardness all the way down. Or you could use 0.5 emit.


Thanks! :slight_smile: