Help with messed up materials :P

Hi guys… I hope that’s the right place to post my question… otherwise, mods, please move it or remove it :slight_smile: anyway, I hope there’s someone that will be able to help me out…

I’ll explain it in theory, it’ll be easier to understand:

Say you have object A and object B.

You assign Material A to Object A and Material B to Object B… then you join the objects, and they all become Object A… but still have different materials, no matter what! :stuck_out_tongue: I really need to assign them the same material (an UV texture in this case), but I can’t make it work…

Any hint?



I think you should just re-assign the material after the objects are joined.
BTW, this should be in Support > Texturing and Lighting.

Already tried that… in 3D view everything looks right, when rendered, the object that had the material is ok, while the “new” joined parts have still the old one :\

Oh, sorry… if there’s any mod here, please accept my apologies and move the thread to the right forum! Thanks! :slight_smile: