Help with minecraft villager texture

So I made a somewhat simple minecraft villager from the game in Blender, however I have run into a slight problem that really annoys me.

I like the design of the model, but in the red circled areas, there are tiny white lines on the bends and intersects of the arms and some other parts of the body. Is this a problem with the UV? Or something with the texture/material settings? Any feedback will be appreciated!

I don’t see any white lines.

I can just about make them out. Looks like a uv issue, but without more info its impossible to say. If you upload wireframes, node setups and UV placements someone here will be able to help, I’m sure.

MonkMonk beat me to it, but yeah it looks like a UV issue but a wireframe, node setups and UV placements would be immensely useful.

Ok guys, I just figured it out: I didn’t place the hidden sides on the UV map. Thanks anyway for pointing to the UV editor!