Help with modelling a morris minor car bonnet


I am a new to blender and trying to get my bearings on best practices for modelling.
I thought I would start off by modelling a morris minor car.

I have set up some blueprints as images in empty objects to use as references as seen in the attached blend file (v2.65a).

I am a bit stuck as to how to start off modelling the bonnet.

My question is are there any best practices or methods of modelling this or hints as to how one would approach this?
I have tried starting off with a mesh, scaling it down, extruding faces but am having problems on the best way to attack the quite intricate curves of the bonnet.

I don’t expect a full on tutorial but any tips, starting points, general approaches to this type of modelling would be great.


Attachments (965 KB)

Thanks for the link.