[HELP with mouselook version]Camera similar to Gabriel Knight 3 adventure game

I’m working on camera (for my adventure game) settings similar to what was in the adventure game Gabriel Knight 3 , but there are some issues that I would like your help to solve. When it succeeds fine tune which is excellent setting for adventure games in BGE
What is needed to solve :
camera - camera is required to detect the collision with the floor or walls
cursor - independent cursor on camera
target destination - only floor
These are probably the main thing to solve
I attach a picture and blend file
Thanks to all!
I’m sorry for the English I use a translator :slight_smile:

Well , I have another version without mouselook that works pretty well

  • Camera collision works well
  • cursor is now independent
    I solved the character target that is now just on the floor and not on the wall by the location coinstrant,perhaps modify the script would be better :eyebrowlift2:
    …in the original game with the camera movement using the mouse here
    w -forward
    a - turn to the left
    d - turn to the right
    s- back
    q - Up
    e - down
    The biggest problem with mouselook version is independent cursor -
    BGE has not own cursor but only the software cursor blender that’s probably the reason why it is not
    Looking around the mouse x,y axis only , while independent cursor
    Blend file no mouselook version:


camera_player_test06.blend (534 KB)

I continued GK3 like camera + point and click character movement
I modeled a hotel room for better testing
character now using the navigation mesh
inventory and dialog system is not implemented
If someone wants to improve or solve the mouselook version camera(collision camera+independent cursor),can
…but with this version I am quite satisfied , works well:yes:…even implement inventory and dialog system.

Camera control:
a-turn to left
d-turn to right
q-camera up
e-camera down
r-look down
t-look up


GK3_PaC_Camera_test_02.blend (741 KB)

This is the version with the mouselook… a much better deal but without collisions of a camera and without independent of the cursor
…maybe someone tweaks

  • version with a hotel room for better testing
    camera control - wasd + q - camera down e - camera up
    Scripts :
    -mouselook -by Aiden Sibley ( Raider )
    Thanks so much for these scripts boys

…if anyone knows how the cursor and a collision camera , let me know


GK3_PaC_mouselook_test_03.blend (574 KB)