Help with my game...

If I have a gun type thing in my game and I want to make a challenge where the player has to shoot all the blue objects without knocking down or shooting any other colored objects, how do I do that?

I already know how to make a counter to count how many blue objects are shot, but how do I make the shoot objective?

And how do i make the scene restart if I shoot or knock down the wrong object?



help.blend (162 KB) - Hey here is a system made only in logic bricks so its easy to under stand… the goal is to shoot the red. If you do it disapears… if you shoot the blue it will restart the scene. Just look throught the logic and you will under stand…

Make it like that:
Create an empty (for objectives and such things I prefer to add new scene and overlay it but u can just make the empty in the same scene since it has no geometry)

add logics as follow:
I guess u have a sensor that says when u click blue target it disappears, then add one more actulator that says -Message- with topic -Blue Target Dead- (or anything u like , just remember what u typed) and connect it like that: when blue target is being shot it will send this message and disappear.

after that go to empty and add logic : Sensor = -Message- -Blue Target Dead- connect it with controler and as actulator make -Property- -(name of property u add)- then make one more sensor like that: Property = (how many blue targets to complete mission) connect with annother controller and actulator: well as actulator u can add many things like send a message -Objective Complete- and make another empty that will add a plane saying ‘Congratulations’ or whatever u like.

I dont know ur blender knowledge so I didnt make them very detailed , if u need more details tell me.