Help with Near sensor

So i’m using the near sensor to move a block away from me when I get close to it, how do i make the block move back to its original location, when i walk away from it?? i’d prefer it moving instead of teleporting anyhelp would be appreciated guys! :smiley: :smiley:

How can a sensor move something?

Just a joke. But really be a bit more specific, how you do such things.

Basically: you move the object in a way that it reaches the targeted position, then you stop motion.

As this is true but very vague here are some suggestions:

  • store the motion the object did to move away, then play the motion reverse
  • turn the object to to face the target position and move forward
  • activate steering to pathfind and pathfollow to the target position

BTW: If you describe your situation (what you want to achieve) we might be able to tell you an easy solutions

you could “pin” it to a place with 6dof, and then have the player have a invisable sphere on a collision layer with the cube, then he “pushes” the cube away


Hahah.blend (482 KB)