help with ovjects

i need help im new at this and i was folowing this tutorial

at the end where it sais click the purple pacman panel. i did that and then it said click add add add on all of the things.
i did that also. but in this picture on the panel thing on the very right it has six things under it force torque ect. in miene when i hit add it only had two. so how do i follow the tutorial when they use one of the boxes that mine doesnt have. i downloaded the latest version of blender


keep looking at the image and you will see what i mean.

Quick Idea,

did you try the drop down menu, where it says motion?


yes i followed the instructions exactly and everythings set right, its just missing things then the one in the tutorial

can you post a screenshot, File menu—> screenshot all


well i figured that out. now i cant figure out how to get the camera to follow the object. i followed the instructions for that and it didnt work either

I think that you want a constraint,

select the object you want to track/follow, select the object you want it to follow, and then press ctrl T. Select Old Track.

Alternatively, although I don’t often try this but I think its newer and probably better, is the track to constraint:

Select the camera, and then press the the object button (F7 or the the multiple arrow button).

Click the constraint drop down, and select “Track To”

Enter the name of the object you want it to track and where it says “To” try the Z axis.