Help with particle texturing

I have a shaggy faux fur in the works.

It is composed of static particles that are textured to have several ‘hairs’ with transparency (=strands)

It seems that the textured strands exhibit extreme artifacts - no antialiasing (?), and this seems to create very ‘sandy’/noisy fur instead of smooth shiny strands of hair. Any way to make this better?

Attached are an example cap of typical strand with jaggedy artifact pixellation (blue background), and a generic view (yellowish one)… Blender file here

This is the faux fur “shaggy carpet” effect I am trying to achieve: But perhaps more spiky hair clumps.


Any help with this?

I’m not sure if I can help. but I’d be happy to take a look at it. I can’t seem to download your blend file, though, do you have another link to it?

Sorry about that. Now it should work. Or this link

Hmmm… I’m afraid I wasn’t able to get anywhere with it. I wasn’t able to get the artifacts to move or scale, either, which strikes me as odd. It’s almost as though each emitted group of particles is being textured as a block and the coordinate system method of the texture mapping isn’t being applied to it, the way it would apply to the mesh.

One experiment I haven’t tried yet is to set up a mesh with a huge number of vertices and emitting a very small number of particles from each one, instead of the other way around. That might really bump up the render time, but it might give you the control over the texturing of each individual strand that you’re looking for.

I tried to set up a new blend, and made a material for the particle mesh that had an alpha of zero, then I added a Blend texture without a color map and applied it to the alpha, and I did get some more even fading across the length of the strands, so you might try that and see what comes of it.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Thank you Cap’n!

Yeah I did get the ‘alpha transp sweep’ working properly, but just cant get the textures to appear smooth.

Maybe I need to subdivide everything into 80 000 pieces :stuck_out_tongue: Well… its defo wip…