help with povanim

(AJB) #1

Can someone tell me what my problem is. I open the script in blender but when i press export the interface closes and i get this message in the console…

That’s began!! :slight_smile:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\PROGRAM FILES\BLENDER\”, line 844, in bevent1
export_file(anim, patchtype, debug, ‘inc’, G_Set, layer, export, texturesty
File “C:\PROGRAM FILES\BLENDER\”, line 546, in export_file
import xptrueA_12s
ImportError: No module named xptrueA_12s

Any help would be much appreciated.

(ookami77) #2

Did you remember to put the file “xptrueA_12s.pyc” in the Blender folder where Blender.exe is? That’s my guess as to your problem. Hope this helps…

(AJB) #3

yep, extracted all the povanim files to the exact folder blender is in. i’m using 2.25 and windows me if that clarifies anything.
i’m totally at a loss.

(IanC) #4

I couldn’ run it on 2.25 but it works fine on 2.23 for me

(AJB) #5

you’re right, it works fine in 2.23.

(jms) #6

Povanim release 12s is for B2.23 only. There is a test version for B2.25:
but if it works, the exportations of materials are very bad…

There is a new version with pretty good results when you try to add normal effects or bump_map:
(no english doc)