Help with radiosity

(microkid88) #1

Anybody here have a tutorial on global illumation with radiosity? and what does the constraint buttons do in Blender 2.23?

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(valarking) #2

i believe one person posted one on applying gi with radiosity on a tank-ish model. but it can’t be accessed (if) until is back up. here’s a quick explanation:
[1] convert all models to mesh
[2] make an ico sphere, delete bottom half
[3] turn off doublesided and flip normals inward
[4] create a material with a full ref value and about a 0.2 emit value. make sure that ONLY light emitters have that on.
[5] scale the sphere so that it just barely covers everything
[6] tweak radio settings (optional)
[7] apply radiosity

(Pablosbrain) #3

Constraints are used with the Armatures… Constrain motions and axis and stuff. Also applicable in other situations… two simple examples. An arm with 3 bones. The upper arm, lower arm and hand. Using constraints you could have the elbow always point at a constraint object. That way, moving the hand around you can easily control where the elbo goes to. Another simple example… make an Eye sphere with textures and have it constrain (track to) another object. This way you can control the direction the eye is looking by controling the target. Much easier than rotating the eye by hand.