Help with realism

Hey! I have started using blender recently. If you could help me any way to improve my render I would be grateful. I tried a lot of materials and lighting, but I can’t get it looking even near realistic. Any suggestions?


Ill have a go at helping seeing as no-one else has replied.

A few things need tweaking.
The grass is the first thing I’d say needs improving. Too green, too uniform, doesn’t look a whole lot like grass. There is a free grass pack you can download, or you can get the free sample of the Grass Essentials from Blender Guru.

Textures for the road and pavement need improving. Look at plenty of references. It looks like you’ve tried making the textures yourself? Use (formerly CG textures) they have load of free textures on there which you can use.

The materials for the street lamps need improving also. They look like just a glossy shader set to 0. Street lamps are normally not that reflective. Again, use references.

The car material looks similar, just a glossy shader. The car model could also do with some sharper edges.

Finally, lighting isn’t great. Night time can be hard to get right. Street lamps are normally a little more orange in color, not usually white light. Light coming from street lights doesn’t look natural either. Might be worth switching to a day time render just to get all of your textures and everything right, and then switch over to night. Find a good HDR for the background.

Search for Mike Pan’s car paint - that is a really good material, little or no improvement is required, or try There are others of course, just search around on the 'net. Otherwise I agree with everything @peter18 has said, use references and use real life image textures for the road, etc. The grass is really not so good just yet, do some searching for ideas here, like @peter18 suggested.

Cheers, Clock.

Oh yes - Welcome to BA! I have just seen this is your first post…

It would be better to focus on modeling the car and placing it in a studio environment. That way you can just focus in the car and not worry too much with everything else.

There is a lot of reasons why this doesn’t look realistic. The models are not realistic at all. Like: the road is flat and straight, the car is missing details, and the lamps are just stuck directly into the ground (no base). The materials is also far from realistic. The car looks like it is made from chrome, the road is like plastic, the grass looks like neon paper.

Creating realistic images requires a lot of skill, study and time. If you are really into realism, then I suggest you start small like a key or a spoon. They seem ridiculously easy but you’ll find that they really present a challenge when you try. Or if you are actually into cars, then I suggest that you make a more detailed study of them and gather detailed references, particularly the model you are after. When it comes to realism, small and subtle details are important. You can’t make it look real if you don’t know how they actually look like in the first place.

Thanks from the great comments! It’s always good to get information especially when starting with CGI. Those comments are really helpful! I think I should start small and get every model one by one looking realistic, try to get better understanding of materials and lighting. Any suggestions for videos or etc. to gather more information? Thanks for the tips!

-Regards Teneppa

PS. And yes, I tried to change it a little, but I guess I need a lot of practice before I can get it right! (it’s just horrible :D)

Update shows some good improvements :smiley: Anything on BlenderGuru will be incredibly useful for you. There are a lot of tutorials on there for beginners. Youtube can be good, and CG Cookie is good also, but some of their tutorials cost money. There are many free ones though in their archive. Check them out also.

One important matter when making realistic work is reference. Lots of it. If possible, get the actual object/subject you are trying to recreate. Even if it is simple like a teacup or a pebble, get references. Aside from that, peter18 give good suggestions. And actual experience. Somethings just need to be experienced to be learned. This project of yours is already a big step towards your goal.