Help with rendering rose petals with blender

hello all, i am a musician and i made a song and i want to render rose petals falling in the background but im wondering how can i do this with blender. how would i get it done. i have some examples of some i like but they are only around 30 secs and i don’t like how i have to loop the video every 30 seconds and i want to render my own so i can have complete control over the video and add extras. here are some of the examples and

is there a way to get something like this done with blender. is there an additional download i have to get or something. not sure how to get the rose petals to render them. im new to the animation/rendering world. please help.

Look for some tutorial on particles…
I’m really in a hurry here, that’s why I can’t give you a better help (as you’re a beginner)
In the meantime, you could check this video:

That should shed you some light…

Best regards

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