Help with rigging and weighing

Hello, im new to blender, and i literally cannot fix weighs on this character, can someone help in any way?

here’s the file for the character just in case its needed

Its because other bones have weight on that area. Check all of them in weight paint mode

Hi @waltuh_whit, welcome to the forum!

How did you weigh this character? With automatic weights?

I looked at your file and this isn’t caused by other bones having weight in that area. It’s caused by no weight in that area, see here:

The verts I selected have no weight at all on them, so they won’t move at all. It looks like you have a lot of stray vertices in that area. Overall, this mesh needs a bit of work before it could be rigged and animated.

The areas I circled in blue appear to have extra verts that aren’t needed. There’s a merge tool, in edit mode, M-key brings it up. That may fix up some of the problems.

The red lines indicate where you need edge loops in your arm. To get an upper/lower arm elbow joint to deform smoothly, you need at least 3 edge loops. The middle edge loop should be at the bone junction. Likewise you would need these loops everywhere else. The fingers, thumb, legs, feet…

I do like your spirit! Just jump in and make a character and animate. but there is a couple of things you have to learn before you get there…

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask questions,