Help With rolling flat mesh around cone shape?

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Hey all, I’m attempting to model a waffle cone, but running into issues with mesh deformation. As you may or may not know, a waffle cone is made just like a waffle on a heated press, then rolled into the cone shape. As you can see, the squares are completely uniform around the rolled circle. Also here is an action shot of what needs to happen

I made a circular stamped mesh, and have had the best results using a curve modifier with a circle (with the control points tilted) to roll it, but as you can see, this results in drastic stretching of the stamped pattern. Any idea how I might better roll this cone up without deformation of the stamped mesh structure? I had no luck trying to deform it on different axes, but maybe I’m retarded.

Blend File Here:

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You didn’t mention if you want it animated or not but this should work either way.
Using simpledeform modifier with an object offset.

cone.blend (440 KB)

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Thanks so much for your time spent making this! However, this scenario still causes the same problem that I had initially with using the curve modifier; all of the quads in your example are deformed in the same manner that mine were, compared to the cone retaining the original square grid qualities and sizes of the original circular object.

Basically, somehow I need to be able to roll up a circle on the fold lines indicated within a circle like this:

Those, depending on how far they’re folded/rolled over each other will create the cone. Everything I’ve tried, as well as your example, just makes a tube, then sorta pinches the bottom of it shut, which isn’t the same topology. I just don’t know how to roll up a mesh of perfect squares into triangular folds :confused:

Edit: I don’t need to animate this; I just had realized that I can’t achieve the detail I’m looking for with normal or bump mapping to make the texture of the waffle cone in what I am making the model for.

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Perhaps you need to create a new stamped mesh with the squares being taller than they are wide (compensating by having more columns of squares).

Basically it means that the squares will be modeled in a squashed pattern, so when you deform them into the cone shape, they will stretch into squares.

Sometimes it just helps to think about these things and then use that to plan ahead (like modeling the squares in the stamp as squashed rectangles because you know they will be stretched).

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There are so may way to do this you know. First off, if you are going to use Simple Bend to bend it you need vertical edges on the circle and not fan shape like you showed. But then the surface is going to deform when you bend it in a form of cone as you found out. To compensate for that I go with UV method. Just unwrap it. You will get a circular UV. So all you do is to use Proportional Editing tool to stretch / compress sides so the checker pattern comes out even: