Help with rotation around character without movement.

In some older games when 3d fps games had just started coming out stuff like trees would rotate around you as you moved but stayed in place, How do you do something like that?

ive been wondering for a while bout that too,i kind of improvised one but its abit tricky to move the character around sometimes…

yea in oblivion I noticed they had individual groups of leaves on trees that would rotate and it actually looked really nice that is what I wanted to try.

I actually did this in one of my earlier games with the track to actuator on the leaves tracking the player and ipo for swaying. You can use this method but it turned out to be really cpu intensive with lots of trees.

A better thing to do is if your using planes for leaves, from flat, rotate -90 on the y axis in edit mode. Then unwrap it and in edit mode go to Editing -> Texture face and click the halo button. (probably alot different for 2.58). The plane will then always face the view. You cannot use ipo’s to make the leaves sway with this method (probably work with an animated texture) but it uses a lot less resources then the first method.

Ok thank you Scar

you could also use the billboard effect for textures.
so the texture will always look to the camera.