Help with rotation question

I am somewhat new to blender, and am taking a course on using the program. I am trying to do an animation that involves a penguin waving its wing. However, I am having some trouble with rotating the wing. I made the entire wing a separate object from the body, and when I rotate the wing object, it rotates the wing in a very wide radius. I want the wing to rotate right off the purple dot, not far off of it. Is there a way to adjust the radius at which an object rotates around a point? I know this is not so clear, but this project is due today and I am having a lot of trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you want to help more directly, I will be online at AIM: thebigshuck1, or you can reply to my thread.

Thank you so much,

Hi, I think that the problem can be in the ‘pivot’. Try shortcuts comma, shift comma, period. (or in the 3D view go to the second box after mode selsection). You can so set the pivot (the rotation point) as a cursor, or median pont…Hope it will help

The purple dot is the pivot point of your wing object. Also, it is the 3D location of your object. You can do one of two things to solve your problem.

Move the 3d cursor (left click) at the point where you wish your wing to rotate from. Now choose the 3D cursor to be the pivot point (press the period [.] button). When you rotate the wing, it goes around the 3D cursor.

As in (A), move the 3D cursor to the correct point. Now, in the editing buttons (F9), click on the Center Cursor button. Now, the objects pivot point (location), the purple dot, has moved and the wing will rotate around it.