help with script

Hi,can somebody help me with script??
checkout definition part…i need write "msg[0][2] " in some property…i don know how to do it from definition

import osc

making sure it does it only once

try :
osc.state # because osc.state does not exist it triggers the AttibuteError block of code
except AttributeError :
osc.init() # under the hood it sets everything up fro osc to work

create a listener in the osc module, and NOT locally

osc.inPort = osc.createListener() # defaults to 9001, localhost if no ip and port are passed

osc.sendMsg(’/init’, [‘done init osc’]) # sending one initial msg

declare a function that does smthg with a incoming message

def testF(*msg):
print 'msg: ', msg
print 'msg value is: ', msg[0][2]

bind the function with an osc tag, when a msg tagged /test arrives funcion testF will be fired

osc.bind(testF, ‘/test’)

osc.state = 1 # already init, dont do this block of code again

listen for incoming messages

remember to pass the listener you want to use, you could ave several listeners paying attention to different ports