Help with sculpting

Hey guys

This is my first post here, so i’ll try explaining this as best as i can

I’ve been working on this sword model, but im a noob in sculpting, like i know that Dyntopo is good, the radius, strength, add and subtract, the basics
So i wanted to add detail to the blade, to give a battle-tested feel to it, like scratches and dents etc. but i dont know what brushes to use
So if anyone can advise me on this, or brushes in general that’ll be great

I’m not exactly an expert with blender either, but in this video, Blender guru adds scratches and bumps to an anvil. It just might be helpful since you both are adding detail to metallic objects. He has this way of applying a cloud texture to the brush, so it doesn’t look too smooth. But the process is a bit convoluted for me to effectively explain in a comment. I hope it helps. Also, I’m really fond of how that sword looks! I hope your adventures in blender go smoothly!

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There’s also a guy called Yansculpts on youtube, who knows a lot about sculpting.

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Me neither, i aint no expert of Blender but… I’d suggest You to make some mesh cracks in it by going into edit mode and pressing K to add some extra mesh cuts, with help of shape keying. You could make actions up for it so that something that it collides with like a named prop 4 eg. Enemies or destroyable items could count and drive xcube through to next checkpoint to knock down it’s durability prop for shapekey actions to make it look damaged through it’s stages as the character goes through battles and stuff. You could make a driver for it on a layer3 4 eg. that moves xcube once per hit through a line of objects | | | | | | | [shapekeydmg1] | | | | | | | [shapekeydmg2] and if 4 eg, xcube reaches shapekeydmg1 to make the main model to execute the shapekey action. And ofc something to knock them back up as a repair action! Just shapekey the yellow bit (vertex point) inwards 0cc0f68fd8aedebddce60719e6e2d949d32213d4_2_690x388
As 4 eg. xcube moves through | | | | | | lines, xcube collision with | | | | lines could be hooked up with some special additional stuff like a physics random generator for execution of rock for data pregeneration
of chance magic hits for next hit or something like that depending on how many props you’re getting to hook it up with. Game random 1 of 10 generator
Me, i hope this helps.

Sry couldn’t reply sooner, i think its something with the site?
Thx!, The sword is actually from the manga Berserk
I’ll check on BG, but yan sculpts doesnt really explain the process, he just gives a quick demonstration about it
Anyways thx for help!

WOAH thats alot of useful info, Thx fam!
but can you explain what shape keying is ?

Spots check this thread and the version of blender available on graphicall. Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and his official sculpting branch

Hit lmb = left mouse button on default cube to select it so that it lights up with golden outline i guess that means that the thing is selected. In it’s properties panel, next to the spanner icon is a triangle, under which You will see a Shape key tab or as in terms of programming a “drop down menu”. Hit + to add a shape key and it will be called Basis. Hit + again and You’ll get “Key 1”… select it with rmb, Hit Tab while the Cube is selected
and press lmb on a vertex point while holding it and drag it somewhere. Then click and drag with rmb value of “Key 1” and it should move the vertex point You moved with a change of value that You’re able to drag from 0 to 1.000. I was blown to another galaxy after realizing what shapekeys can do to the mesh. If You move the cursor to the 0 or 1st frame on the timeline, mouseover the Key 1 at its 0 value and press I, it will record it as a starting point for animation. Then select frame 4 eg. 10 on the timeline and then increase the value of Key 1 from 0 to 1.000 and press I while timeline is set on 10th frame, then Alt+A to execute the animation it will play out the animation of the vertex point You moved.
This thing can be applied for projects to change alot for the character or different kind of items.
I guess You will have to use shapekeying to adjust movement of clothing along the characters armature after weight painting it. This one is quite tricky but possible with a load of patience.
Every day i wake up being mindblown from possibilities in this software.
Don’t forget to tune into for some music while people is thinky and modelling some weird shuff.

Dude you’ve been a huge help, Thx!
and you better be sure that i’ll be listening to dem sick beats while finishing the sword

If You want i could model You a sword stand.

Thx for the inspiration!, i think im going to do it myself as modelling practice.