Help with smoke for a scene.

Hi guys, This is my first time posting here and im hoping people can help me, I’m currently working on a fan film and i need help with a scene and that is creating a shuttle like take off, I need someone to possible create me a tutorial or go through with me a way to create it, I’d send you the model aswell so it can help the person. I have attached pics of the kind of smoke i need and the way it needs to look. Anyone able to help me? P.S One of the pics is what i need the scene to look similar to but the spacecraft itself was edited in using photoshop.


Well, you can made it in cycles using a particle system and a point density texture for the smoke trail, for the smoke in the ground you can use a simple smoke simulator with a turbulence force

Something like this

Yeah like that but in a higher resolution but the problem is i don’t know anything about smoke in blender.

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