Help with Sprinkles

My Blender file is too big to post here, so here’s a link to Cloud…

I uploaded the file through cloud. Here it is…

If you limit each color’s value to 1 or lower, everything should be back to normal. The high values you have right now are making the colors glow. :slight_smile:

I corrected that, but the sprinkles that aren’t red are still glowing, albeit dimmer.

Just click the little colored arrows in the ColorRamp one at a time and do the same for those colors.

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As @Rhen said, just repeat this for all the colors of the ColorRamp. If it still doesn’t stop glowing, please re-upload the latest version of your blend file. Everything should be fine after changing those values, but you never know. :slight_smile:

Does these results look good?

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It looks great :+1:. You should be able to continue with the tutorials now.