Help with Stanford Lucy

I want to work with the head and shoulders of the Stanford Lucy, but the vripped reconstruction is too high-poly for me to load. I’d appreciate it if somebody would delete everything from the base of the neckline on down and the wings (roughly, don’t delete any of the hair), export to obj or save in a blend, and make it available for download someplace like Dropbox or Filemail.

I’m aware of the terms on which Stanford made this available, and promise not to do anything inappropriate with it.

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I got you :smiley: I may do it now, or I may have to take it home to my better computer… if my work computer can handle it, I’ll do it here. We’ll see :wink:

EDIT: Home computer it is. Stay tuned.

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Thanks, looking forward to it!

I can import it, but I’ve been unsuccessful switching into edit mode to remove part of it (or do anything else.) I got up to 9.35 GB of RAM and still impossible… which means you’re going to need a computer with at least 24, if not 32, GB of RAM to do anything with this. Sorry :confused:

You tried, appreciate the effort! :+1:

Anybody with a higher-end system wanna take a wack at this?

Don’t know if this helps >>
I sliced the mesh in meshlab (also used decimation because it was a really huge file).

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This is very close to what I’m looking for, thanks! It’s cut too high (above the base of the gown’s neckline) and has lost some hair on one shoulder (that was holding the torch), but is probably enough for what I’m doing. Appreciate it!

here is the head, with all the hair, i hope.

Josephhansen was right, it needed 32 gb RAM to enter edit mode.

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Good gracious :sweat_smile: how did they work with this thing back in 1996??

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That’s just what I need, thanks oodles!