Help with the skin modifier

Hey! I’m having a bit of trouble with the skin modifier. I’m super new to 3D modeling (started yesterday) and I was trying to create a basic stickman with the skin modifier. So I made some vertices, added a mirror modifier like that

and then tried the skin modifier… and then get THIS
. I tried everything I could, I can’t make this work. I feel like it’s some very basic stuff but even after reading tutorials and all I can’t figure it out. They all seems to do the exact same things I do, except they get a perfect stickman and I don’t. D: Any idea why?


What are the tutorial titles you’ve followed? Link would be nice but that post would show up with a delay since you have under 10 posts.

Something like this?


Skin Modifier.blend (468 KB)

They likely got rid of the Mirror modifier before start to deal with Skin…
Tbh, there is no need to use mirror at all since you will tweak all points later anyways. Just select any one vertex and Ctrl-click your way along skeleton; change views and check creation from all sides.

Try selecting all vertices, Ctrl-A, scale down. That is, move your mouse toward the center, as you might when scaling.

Wow, thanks to all of you for the fast answers! Been at work so couldn’t come check. I was trying to achieve what DCBloodHound made. A big thanks to K Horseman, it was the scaling down! The video I was following didn’t mention it; when he used it, it was already scaled somewhat perfectly! Here was the tutorial btw .


Scaling is so essential when working with skin modifier that it would be quite horrible tutorial if it wasn’t mentioned. And it does, starting from 1:52 “when using skin modifier control and A allows you to scale the model”.