Help with Ubuntu

I just installed Ubuntu in my office computer and now have to configure it to connect to a wireless lan with a router WPA-PSK protected.

I’m very new to linux and, after some tries and some tutorials, i’m trying to install Network-Manager-Gnome to see if i can connect to the lan.

I’ve already Network-Manager installed but, when i try to install Network-Manager-Gnome i have to upgrade the LibFontConfig1 and the FontConfig-config to version 2.4.2

My problem is this, the first time i try to install FontConfig-config i’ve got a Broken “LibFontConfig1” and could not fix it, so i install Ubuntu again.

Now i’m in the part that i have to install (FontConfig-config and LibFontConfig1, version 2.4.2) to get Network-Manager-Gnome installed.

How can i do this without Broken anything?
p.s.- very new to linux

Thank you very much!

Found the solution!:eyebrowlift:
Thank you the same!

Have you a working internet conection?
How do you install those apps?
In a normal situation, if you install the “packages” suited for your
distro “Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy”?? nothing it’ll be broken…

I’m very new to Linux, so i just got the 386 versions of the program and the dependencies from a windows connection and start installing, check dependencies missing and so on.

I still don’t have the internet working cause Network Manager have a bug with some icons but i hope that i can get it working tomorrow.

p.s. Yes, it’s Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy and i’m excited about learning some linux!:yes:
Got some lessons 2 years ago, but it’s just now that i’m going to start for real!

You must install with the “package Manager”
I know that you don’t have a working conexion, but you can conect with a terminal, in a good old Linux fashion, using “wireless-tools”
do a web search on how to use “iwconfig”, “ifconfig” and “route”

Unfortunately, i discover that Network-Manager does not work with my computer (at lest, it’s what it says). I even find a way to install FontConfig-config and LibFontConfig1, version 2.4.2 without broken anything, but no usefull (it’s with DPKG -i).

Now i’ve installed Wicd 1.1.0 and already can see the wireless connection but it can’t connect to it. Do i have to configure my ath0?

OTO, thank’s for helping me.

p.s. I’m having a very bad time trying to configure all of this stuff with no result. I already installed Ubuntu 4 times, just to configure the %#$&"$$% wireless network.:mad:

Hello again
Yes, Linux can be VERY FRUSTRATING
The best advice I can give to you, it’s to spend more time searching the “good help” than reinstalling, but…if you want to do it one more time, install Kubuntu, KDE have more internet tools I guess
Most of the times it’s just a question of some lines of text in a terminal
I don’t know your hardware so here’s some general advices:
How do you connect to internet…you’ve an ethernet card, I supose, after your “(a)eth0” :slight_smile: or maybe not…
Keep in mind that most wifi cards don’t work under Linux, and you’ve must use Ndiswrapper (like me)
So, you “see your wireless connection”? This means that your wifi is working, but not your conection to your provider?
Yes you must configure you conection!
You must edit /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/hosts, /etc/hostnames (you should enter you IP adress, gateway, and stuff)
It’s quite easy, do a search in the web for your specific hardware and provider

Thank you!

I’m going to gather all the information i can from the computer and try one step at a time.

Hello Madcello
Y probaply want to download latest popular version of linux. Then y got options to load software the most. Well latest, that is Kubuntu i guess is quite a nice package . Then learning bunch of the command line stuff like dos but unix, well linux command line stuff is same or at least allmost, good book for teaching how to do stuff, expecially mounting drives could be handy. I have also little experience with linux and it would be much easier to work with if i knew more command to run in terminal. Although latest version has similar stuff much which is nice in windows, still my floppy doesnt automatically work.

Well maybe i had nothing to say, or maybe something, I am considering forgetting windows and starting to use only linux although when it comes to 3d animation, output to videotape and combining sound and video is kind of pain with linux, welll i dont know how to do it.
Good luck with linux

edit> never make a linux hd and then set it to computer where y want to have linux, unless y are advanced user, mentioning just incase.