Help with UV Unwrap!!!

Hello All,

I am fairly new to blender and i have a question. I recently downloaded a Blender scene where a sphere was UV Unwapped. I tried to copy this unrwapping but could not get the same effect. Can someone walk me through the steps to get the effect i want.

I get this effect but i want this effect

Thanks for help in advance


For the grid-like unwrap :

  • Select a face and press U -> Unwrap , note in the 3D View the face you selected got the greying artifact, meaning it’s the “Active Face”

  • In the UV Editor select an edge and press W -> Align Auto, do this for each edge of the UV for that face

  • On the Sphere, select all the faces you need

  • It’s important that the “Active Face” is still the same, if it is not anymore, hold SHIFT unselect the face we want to stay active and reselect it, so it has the greyed artifact on it

  • Press U -> Follow Active Quad, and at the popup press OK

Separate the areas to be islands. By assigning seams.
Now select a quad of the island to be aligned. [U] / reset. A huge perfect quad in the UV editor.
Noe select all the island by pressing L. [U] / follow active quad. Too large? ctrl+P to pack it.

What active quad is for:
The “grey” active quad has to be Unwrapped as perfect quad already. Then ask the rest to follow it.

Or else, you can simply use “Sphere Projection” to get a nice grid. You just need to make sure the 3D cursor is in the center of the sphere or the projection is totally distorted. From my experience, you always need to double the width of the grid to get perfect squares. [S], [X], 2, [ENTER] in the UV Editor.

The top and bottom parts are simply unwrapped with the “regular” Unwrap and a seam from top to bottom on one side of the sphere.