help with vertices

just 1 question how do i connect vertices i have blender 2.24

You could join them with alt + m.

WHY are you using 2.24?! We are already up to 2.36, and soon 2.37 will be coming out! :o

Or maybe you meant 2.34, in which case, you are still using an outdated version, but not so bad. :wink:

Anyway, what do you mean by “join”? As Giangmatrix mentioned already, you can merge 2 or more vertices with alt+m, and you can join 2 vertices to make an edge with “f”. (You can make faces by selecting 3 or 4 vertices and pressing “f”.)

with alt +m it just brings up the layer selector and with f it says error cant make edge/face

It should be in edit mode and you can use f only if you sellected 2 or more verts.