Help with video tutorial: Subdiv

I dunno how to extrude the way that one dude does on the video, he doesn’t explain it. i pushed ‘E’ and tried them all, but it didn’t work. I just realized htat its a different version that he’s using then mine. So how do I extrude like him on ‘Blender 2.42’?

Are you sure you’re in edit mode? (hit Tab to switch between main and edit mode)
Do you have vertices selected? (right click on them to select them, they should turn yellow or some different color)

If that doesn’t work, could you offer some more information? Your post doesn’t help too much.

I couldn’t get the hang of it at first - had things going in all directions.

Using 2.42

Depending on what you are doing. get into Edit Mode, click on the Face icon (little triangle), RMB on the dot in the middle of the face to select it, Press [E] a little popup usually comes up and I select region (press [Enter] to confirm) followed by pressing [X], [Y] or [Z] dependant on what axis you are extruding along and drag baby. You can drag in measured steps if you hold down [Ctrl] while dragging.

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