Help with wind effect

Hi I am completely new to blender, and have spent the last 10 hours learning how to use it.

I have created an animation with a ship with sails, The sails are cloth, and I have added wind objects to ‘fill’ them.

All works fine in the 3D camera view and the sails billow properly, but when i come to render it the wind effect appears not to work?

Does anyone know what i may have done wrong? Remember I am completely new to this so If there is a button marked ignore wind effects or something like that please tell me!

I am running an Intel macpro if thats any use. :eek:


make sure you are rendering a frame that has been simulated by the cloth.


I have played the entire thing through in ‘shaded’ mode with the transport buttons and i have hit bake (in the cloth collisions tab) and let it run throught

but still it renders flat.