Help with Xcode

Does anyone here own a mac? Because I spent hours last night obtaining a macintosh developer’s kit called Xcode I downloaded it but it won’t work!!! It says the installation file is .dmg, but my computer tells me it can’t be installed! Help! I have version 10.4.11 Thanks!

Have you got the right xcode version for OSX 10.4. I believe the last suitable version was 2.5
Did you use some kind of download manager to get the file, maybe its corrupt so try downloading again.


isn’t it on one of the CDs from OS X?

I received this computer from my uncle years ago and did not get a DVD. I have downloaded Xcode off of the Mac Developers Sight

You’ll need version 2.5:

Or you can get an install DVD for OS X and get it off there…

You must have leopard to use the latest Xcode… Sorry bud, Xcode is only supported on 10.5 - 10.6 :slight_smile:
you couldtry to find an old image somewhere though :confused:

Crud… These are the times when I say… "Google, you’re my only friend… Could someone post a link if I don’t? That is… if you have one…