Help with Yafray

I just installed yafray. andI did the thing where it wanted me to add ;YAFRAY_DIR without qhotes on the path variable.

Anyways, when I try to render with it in blender it wants to crash.

I read somwhere that I need “msvcr71.dll” for yafray 9 to work. What exactly do I do?

Why can’t things just work?

ARGH! Screw Yafray! I even tryd downloading that dill thing. Then When I tried to put it in the windows 32 folder it was allready there. I opened up blender, and tryed to render with yafray again, and it still crashes! I uninstalled yafray, and deleted that dil thing that I downloaded. I don’t know what it means when it’s allready in the windows 32 folder, but that one is still there. I don’t even know what I’m talking about.