Trying to make this painting as realistic as possbile, with the fire and all…
i am confused on how to render them?

Hi, I’m having a little trouble understanding what I’m looking at here. Care to share any further notes on the concept art?
My best guess is that it’s a Chinese-style lion dance, with a fiery, smokey twist.
The one thing that I’m pretty dang sure I’m interpreting correctly is that there is a high concentration of clouds, smoke and fire in this scene.
This means that you’d better be prepared for it to take FOREVER to render.

In terms of getting the scene together, I’d start with making the focus, minus all the smoke and effects. Get that nailed down with a rough blocking of your background elements, then work from there.

Once you’ve got that done, I’d just make a smoke sim emitting from a smaller version of the blocking, since it’s a still. That said, it’ll be well worth it to experiment with force fields to get the anisotropy of the smoke tendrils the way you want them.

Hmmm, i meant about the colour and rendering…
how do i make for the best rendering texture? i have reference like sakimichan and panamaman but
i cant seem to make the similar rendering features for this

In order to give more focused direction on what you’re asking it would be helpful to see what you’ve done so far in Blender and what things you’ve tried that aren’t working. Right now all I can suggest is doing some smoke or particle sim tutorials for the fire if you’re going for a realistic render. As for the rest of the model, it’s kind of hard to tell what would work best for the realistic approach you are going for. Does it have skin, fur or a solid surface? In the reference material you posted it looks like a mixture of cloth, fur and skin will be involved.

I don’t know what you’ve completed so far but I would suggest starting with the model for the creature/people if you haven’t already. Sketching out a side view and front view will help if you have trouble getting the shape and proportions correct. After that you’ll have something to start applying textures/fur/effects to.

Okay, now I’m even more confused… Is this grease-pencil art, or a non-blender piece? Is it 2D or 3D?

If it’s 2D grease pencil, you might want to specify that.

If this is concept art, please indicate that as well.

Rendering is an ambiguous term because it’s used in both 2D and 3D for adding light and shadow. If you’re looking for 3D advice, this is the right place to look. Otherwise, you should probably switch this to the 2D category.

ah, it’s a 2d piece. But i want to render it to be as close as 3d/realistic color palette.
I feel this is the same problem that is faced in 3d too minus the inbetweening.

Basically, this is to be an realistic illustration/animation keyframe/game conceptart.
and it has to be

  1. realistically correct render
  2. limited and correct pallete under the specific highlight identified in the image.
  3. precise without use of layer blending modes.