Hi. im new.
i need help. i (plan on) making a game and i wonder if a ny body has
anime tutorials. i know a bit about blender. so please simpify it. that would be great. also tutorials on anime styled wepons, loke gigantic super
charging lazers. the sooner the better (it just may mean my future)

p.s. websites on this sub. will be good. tips. and also making games too


also requesting help from Sutabi
(i like that model from digicharat

Are you talking about making anime/manga style 3D models?

I am not sure of any online tutorials of this, but there is always google or another search engine. Try searching for something like:
Modelling a 3D manga girl
or something to that effect, since its unlikely you will find a tutorial exactly for blender, you can do one for another 3d modelling app and apply it to blender assuming it uses techniques available in blender.

Also, there is a book on the subject that I bought recently. If your looking for a book that has the edge loops and some tips not full blown tutorials its pretty good. Though, its tips really apply more to high poly, and since you appear to want to use this for a game, you would need to modify it for low-poly. I know you said websites, but as much as we want everything on the web, some stuff is hidden too well to be found as easily as a book store.


As for guns, there are plenty of CG tutorials on modelling weapons, though I’m not sure that they are laser guns. It should not be that hard to apply any gun modelling tutorial to what you want.

Good luck, welcome, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in here, most of us don’t bite.

thank u
anybody else

Are you wanting to make 3d game models or rendered game models for a 2d engine? It’d be two totally different things…

3d… y

Please use proper english.

It may just mean your future (using proper english warrents better responses from almost anyone, thus giving you a better chance at “future”).

Thanks you.

can somebody give me some hints. how do i make models

to get better faster help, I would recommend you to go to “Blender General” forum instead…there is the best place to get help…


Yeah, a question like “how do I make models” is a bit like asking Carlos Santana “how do I play guitar?” The question can’t be answered in a few sentences and if you don’t yet know what the question is, your “future” probably doesn’t yet depend on it. :-?

So, if the question is “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” the correct answer would be “Practice.” And, the path won’t be covered in one weekend.

Gosh. I admire your optimism. Um. :o . I hate to be the one to say this, but if you’re letting your future ride on making a game but have yet to figure out how to make a model, may I suggest the help wanted section of the classifieds until you’re gotten the whole game making thing down? Maybe college? Keep at it, you’ll probably have some huge success and I’ll be the sole individual at Elysiun who doesn’t get kick backs, but you’re asking really broad questions. Anyhow, here are some suggestions:

Good luck! I look foward to playing your game!

Well, actualy… how should i say this… i dont want to be rude
but. i was looking for tutorials.
i can say to carlos santana and say “how do i play the guitar” ,meaning
may i have a tutorial

o yes also i was joking about the future thing

But if you play that situation in your head, what would Carlos most probably answer? Wouldn’t you rather get some beginner guitar books, ask guitar players about the first chords to learn and which songs you should start with?

Meaning: Wouldn’t you check what documention is available online, go through some beginner tutorials and then ask specific questions here?

Think about what the answer to ‘How do I make models’ could be. And if you want tutorials, it’s neither news nor chat… :wink:

ok. do u have tutorials

This is the wrong forum. No one is going to listen to you here. Go to the “Blender General” forum and ask for help there. And download the manual and read that while you’re at it. There is also this magical thing called a search engine. Take your pick of 'em. Do your own damned research. We all do. If you get stuck - Blender General Question forum.

ok. do u have tutorials

do you have the ability to use