i need to get my default settings and a subsrf button on my version of blender [!]

I had a hard time finding the subsurf too, under the modifier tab click the “add modifier” button and subsurfing should be on the menu.

To go default search your harddrive for B.blend and delete it. A new one will be created when you start Blender.


Glad I found this, I was just about to post a topic about it!

I found the subsurf after some diging, but now i cant find the option to make the edges hug the object lik in the last version I used, 2.37. The Optimal Draw button in this modifier dosent seem to do anything in this version. I want to see the lines and vets hug the subsurf object. Please help.

This is called “Cage Mode” now. Click the little round “hole” in the header (Nr. 6).

Thanks, it all good now.

I would just hit “Apply” which really sucked because I couldn’t edit it much anymore. Thanks people for the topic.

wow thanx guys for all this help


(feeling stupid again)
whats a yayfray renderer do? %|

Yafray is a second render engine you need to download if you want to use it, then select it in F10, Render tab.


You aren’t alone khaled. What are the advantages of using Yafray over the internal renderer?

Well for starters, Easier DoF, Refraction of light, GI. I would say that the negatives of using YafRay include the Very long render times, Uncancelable renders in XML, Longer Tweaking time to get things looking right. I’d say it really depends on the situation and scene rather than what is a better allround renderer, but the blender internal is better for the moddeling stage IMO.

oh thank you :smiley:
by the way how do i make an object look like a certain material
for example i made a table and i want it to look like wood how do i do this? [<]