Is there a fireworks tutorial for something like this?

dude seriously, i wish people would stop nameing their threads things like “wow… help” , HELP!!!, help, help me, i could use some help, and other crap like that. just ask the question in the title and it would more likely draw the attention of someone who can answer it.:rolleyes:

Lol sorry I am in a rush.

Well, I couldn’t find any / I don’t know of any… tutorials for “Fireworks” that are like that or even close…

But as far as I know… fireworks, isn’t really meant for that kind of work…

Might I ask why you wouldn’t just use gimp?


Fireworks is not to be used like that. In fact, vectoring programs are not to be used like that.

umm…don’t mean to be rude, but…your site or pages , presuming its yours…
is using the header as the sites main header.
this implies that the site is part of or tied to or officially related to
which i would say with a relative amount of confidence that it is not.
there are more appropriate ways to link to the forums.
you should use your own art to represent your web pages.
if you need to know what or how to make some art it many programs, try as it contains many tutorials on many subjects from beginner to advanced.

ooh that site sucks so I wouldnt worry and i will change it

Fireworks is the WORST program I have EVER used. Use Gimp.