Helping Camera Simulation In Blender Game Engine?

Helping How do I make the cell phone be the reflection of the camera 2?

camera.blend (476.0 KB)

The technique used to make a mini map is very similar to what you want:

Thank you anyway, I already have

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I’m not sure if you still need it, but here you go anyway.

window_viewer.blend (746.3 KB)

Thank you.

Thanks for this clean, minimal example :slight_smile:

I was curious and tried to expand it to multiple cameras, here is the result with a modified test scene:

multi_cam_viewer.blend (714.7 KB)

In includes the three camera targets with varying focal length:

And a camera, facing away from the targets

Some notes:

  1. The script is the same for all viewing planes
  2. The viewing camera is given as game property on the textured planes
  3. I wanted different focal lengths for the cameras, so I commented the replacement of the lens value, so that each cam keeps its field of view as in the viewport
  4. I had to make all textures and materials unique, otherwise the same view was shown on all viewing planes

However, I am a little confused, as one can easily introduce distortion in the textured plane. That’s why I choose the colored grids as test. From my observation, the following factors seem to be involved in creating distortion:

  • [Width, Height] of UV unwrapping
  • [Width, Height] / aspect ratio of the viewing plane
  • [Width, Height] for internal/standalone render
  • [Width, Height] cap size
  • [Width, Height] of texture image

@cuervo1003: Do you have a procedure of achieving non-rectangular viewers systematically? For simplicity, I kept everything squared in my test. But I guess it breaks down when I change one or more of the above to non-squared.

And additionally:

  • Does anyone know if postprocessing shaders (e.g. barrel distortion, Vignete) can be applied to the textures?
  • Is it possible to have single cameras showing the scene in e.g. night vision mode/different material?

I’d like to expand the example with minimal solutions to the two above points.