Hen and chicks..

…in a ladle.

Small fun project.

Honestly, I don’t get it but the materials are so nice! I like it!

as mentioned the materials look nice…but my reason for reply…I’m gonna use/steal your idea in the “hard”(real ?) world…we have dozens of Hens and Chicks in our gardens…10 or 12 now flowering…love 'em…then the other day I found an old red and white enameled ladle…shazam…thanks…

yes indeed … great idea and a great render!

Sweet stuff Walli! Love it!

very nice.esp. like the metal material.

thanks. Hen and chicks is the name for the plant and apart from that, there isn´t a deeper thought. A while ago I stumbled over some photos, food photography, where they placed spice and herbs on a spoon and did a photo on dark background.
I liked that and wanted to use some plants instead - so I placed some hen and chicks in the dipper.