Henry Winstanley's Eddistone Lighthouse

This is an old project (2015), but as it is the only finished scene I have ever done I thought it was about time I posted it here.

It is the first lighthouse built on the Eddystone rocks by Henry Winstanley, 12 miles offshore near to Plymouth, England, United Kingdom. The construction was started on 14 July 1696 but had to be considerably rebuilt after damage the winter of 1698-1699. This Image is closer to the final reconstruction. Unfortunately the lighthouse was destroyed completely in The Great Storm the 27 of November of 1703, with Henry and his companions inside.

The whole story is full of great details, the lighthouse was built during the 100 year war between France and England. There was a battle ship that protected henry and his workmen. One day the ship did not turn up, a French ship came instead took Henry prisoner and destroyed the work that had been done. When the French king Luis XIV heard about the incident ordered the release of henry Henry saying “France is at war with England, not with humanity”.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Henry Winstanley Gent.



I’m blown away by your art! The way you’ve managed to create such complex shapes and forms is so impressive. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, I am pleased you like them, the forms are not too complicated there are many simple forms piled together.

Outstanding work!

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